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PlayStation Store PS3 and PSP Updates for October 25, 2011

PlayStation Store Director Grace Chen is here with this weeks US PSN updates today, as follows:

It's the final week of celebrating Only On PSN with the release of 2 exclusive PSN titles: inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood and PixelJunk SideScroller!

Don't forget that this is also the last week that you can purchase these, or any other content from the Store to go towards the $60 threshold to receive $10 back in November.

inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood delivers a darker adventure for Cole; complete with new powers, (did we mention he flies?) a new look for the city of New Marais, and access to the complete suite of User Generated Content tools. This downloadable inFAMOUS adventure is standalone and doesn't require you to have previous inFAMOUS titles to play it.

Read more: http://www.ps3news.com/playstation-3-psn-news/playstation-store-ps3-and-psp-updates-for-october-25-2011
Click here to check out the entire Only On PSN lineup.
For classic shmup action with a twist, you'll want to get your hands on PixelJunk SideScroller. Q Games puts the PixelJunk twist on the genre with luminescent visuals, incredible bosses, and unforgettable powerups and weaponry to take on the masses.

Other PSN Games arriving this week include the now HD arcade classic Daytona USA, the hilarious puzzle action of Worms Crazy Golf, and just in time for Halloween: Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone.

Also new to PlayStation Network this week is CinemaNow, an all new video service that further expands your video watching options on your PlayStation 3. CinemaNow gives you access to new releases movies and brings you TV episodes, many the day after they air. With over 15,000 movies and TV shows to choose from, you can rent movies in stunning HD complete with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound; no subscription required! Grab it from the Store or in the My Channels section under the TV/Video Services XMB column.

PlayStation Plus subscribers; hope you've enjoyed October's free content and discounts! We draw this month to a close by kicking off new discounts on a ton of new releases including 20% off inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood, Pixeljunk Sidescroller, and Worms Crazy Golf; 30% off new release Daytona USA, and 50% discounts on Mercury Hg, and 4 Elements. And that's on top of new Full Game Trials, free themes, and free avatars!

Don't forget to check out new demos like Sonic Generations, new full PS3 titles hitting the Store such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, and new add-ons for favorites like Gran Turismo 5 and Ace Combat Assault Horizon. Hit us in the comments or join the discussion on the PlayStation Forums hosted by PlayStation Network's Morgan Haro/mochuuu. Thanks all, and happy gaming!

Here is the weekly PlayStation Store update:

PlayStation Plus

Visit the PlayStation Plus page for more details.

Free PSN Games and DLC:
Dungeon Defenders DLC - 10/25
he pack contains: 4 familiars (Cog,Drakon, Naimi, Cowboy Monkey)

Full Game Trials:
Homefront (free)
MX vs. ATV (free)

Exclusive Discounts:
inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood - 20% off ($7.99)
PixelJunk: SideScroller - 20% off ($7.99)
Call of Duty: Black Ops - 20% off ($39.99)
MX vs. ATV Game + DLC Bundle - 20% Off ($23.99)
4 Elements - 50% off ($5.00)
MercuryHg - 50% off ($2.50)
Daytona USA - 30% off ($6.99)
Worms Crazy Golf - 20% off ($7.99)

DAYTONA USA Theme (Dynamic Theme) (free)
Worms Premium Theme (free)

Daytona Usa Daytona Car 1 Avatar (free)
Daytona Usa Daytona Car 2 Avatar (free)
Daytona Usa Pixel Car 1 Avatar (free)
Daytona Usa Pixel Car 2 Avatar (free)
Daytona Usa Pixel Car 3 Avatar (free)

Downloadable Games

inFAMOUS Festival of Blood ($9.99)
inFAMOUS Festival of Blood is a brand new single player game for download via PSN. Vampires swarm New Marais, and revered superhero Cole MacGrath has been bitten. Featuring hours of new gameplay, themed environment settings and new characters/enemies.
ESRB rated T
File size 3.02 GB

PixelJunk Sidescroller ($9.99)
The next chapter of the award-winning PixelJunk series brings a nostalgic retro vibe with PixelJunk SideScroller. Whether solo or local co-op, prepare to dodge flurries of alien bullets and battle your way through stages full of hazardous fluid and endless shooting mayhem.
ESRB rated E
File size 83 MB

Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone ($9.99)
Four unlikely heroes find themselves caught in a fight for their lives when the Zombie Apocalypse hits their Canadian community. Banding together for both humor and survival - and armed with everything from guns to cricket bats - the four must find a way off the island... together.
ESRB rated M
File size 1.19 MB

Daytona USA ($9.99)
It's time to get revved up with Daytona USA! Based on the classic arcade title, Daytona USA features enhanced graphics, tracks for all skill levels, and the original hit soundtrack!
ESRB rated E
File size 225 MB

Worms Crazy Golf ($9.99)
Worms Crazy Golf is a hilarious mixture of the explosive action of Worms and the puzzle based challenges of crazy golf! All of the trademark Worms humor, comic violence, and cartoon visuals are present, combined with addictive yet accessible golf gameplay.
ESRB rated E10+
File size 393 MB

Call Of Duty: Black Ops ($49.99)
Call of Duty: Black Ops takes you behind enemy lines as a member of an elite special forces unit engaging in covert warfare, classified operations, and explosive conflicts. Access to exclusive weaponry and equipment will tip the balance during the most dangerous time period mankind has ever known.
ESRB rated M
File size 18 GB

Homefront ($29.99)
2027. Join the Resistance and fight for freedom in this gripping, cinematic first-person shooter. Then battle online with up to 32 players in large scale vehicular warfare. Earn and spend Battle Points on a variety of destructive weapons - from drones to tanks.
ESRB rated M
File size 5.28 GB

Mx Vs Atv Alive ($19.99)
Own the competition as you wrestle for position with tightly contested racing in the fifth iteration of the MX vs ATV franchise. Feel the realism of the revolutionary real-world physics engine which has defined the racing genre.
ESRB rated E
File size 4.63 GB

Game Demos (free)

Resistance 3 Single-Player Demo
Experience the beginning of Joseph Capelli's harrowing journey in the Resistance 3 single-player demo. Fight off the Chimeran attack on Haven, Oklahoma as you attempt to buy enough time for the town's inhabitants to escape.
ESRB rated M
File size 1.28 GB

Grease Demo
This is Grease for the New Generation, inspired by the 50′s and danced by you! Shake out your hair, turn up your style and release your inner rock and roll party queen. With over 20 familiar songs to sing along to and all your favorite dance routines to learn, Grease combines the movie's timeless music and memorable choreography with the motion sensor technology to deliver the ultimate sing and dancing Grease ™ experience on PlayStation Move.
ESRB rated T
File size 369 MB

Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone Demo
Four unlikely heroes find themselves caught in a fight for their lives when the Zombie Apocalypse hits their Canadian community. Banding together for both humor and survival - and armed with everything from guns to cricket bats - the four must find a way off the island... together.
ESRB rated M
File size 1.19 GB

Sonic Generations Demo 2
Download the demo to play Classic Sonic through all new, re-imagined 2D Green Hill and Modern Sonic in a completely different perspective of stunning 3D - the ultimate Sonic celebration!
ESRB rated E
File size 665 MB

Elevator Action Deluxe Demo
You are a legendary super spy. Your mission: steal the documents and escape. But this isn't the same game you remember from the arcades! New bad guys, new traps, and new challenges all await you. Are you good enough to survive ELEVATOR ACTION DELUXE? Download the free demo today and find out!
ESRB rated T
File size 450 MB

Akimi Village Demo
Get swept away to a mysterious, floating island in the sky in Akimi Village, a city-building game from NinjaBee! Help the tiny Akimi build their village and spread light to free their island from the grip of the Gloom's thick shadow. Put the cheerful villagers to work harvesting and refining resources. Unlock blueprints and piece together dozens of unique buildings! Purify the island, defeat the Gloom and build a beautiful living city!
ESRB rated E
File size 262 MB

Add-on Game Content

Disney Universe - Absolem Costume (free)
Suit up as wise caterpillar Absolem, from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Includes costume specific upgradable tool.
File size 1.63 MB

Disney Universe - Daisy Duck Costume (free)
Suit up as classic and delightful Daisy Duck costume. Includes costume specific upgradable tool.
File size 2.12 MB

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Online Pass ($9.99)
Thank you for purchasing Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. Download the Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Online Pass today to unlock the full online features of All 4 One.
File size 128 KB

Gran Turismo 5 Racing Gear Pack ($2.99)
Expand your Gran Turismo 5 experience with the Racing Gear Pack, featuring racing helmets and suits of famous race car drivers and more, for 90 pieces of gear in all. The Racing Gear Pack is also available as part of the complete DLC bundle, which also includes the Racing Car Pack, Course Pack, and Paint Pack. For more information on how to redeem and add the content to your game, visit

Gran Turismo 5 Racing Car Pack ($7.99)
Expand your Gran Turismo 5 experience with the Racing Car Pack, featuring fifteen vehicles to race and master. Includes: -Red Bull X2011 prototype -11 modified Touring Car editions of fan favorite cars including the Honda CR-Z, Mazda RX-7, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, Nissan GT-R R35, Subaru Impreza, and more -3 new racing karts. For more information on how to redeem and add the content to your game, visit http://us.gran-turismo.com/us/products/gt5/store/.

Gran Turismo 5 Course Pack ($4.99)
Expand your Gran Turismo 5 experience with the Course Pack, featuring two brand new courses to race and master. Includes: -Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, the famous Belgian track known for its rich history and challenging turns and elevation changes. -The indoor Kart Space, designed by Polyphony Digital, with beautiful neon illumination and two track layouts. For more information on how to redeem and add the content to your game, visit http://us.gran-turismo.com/us/products/gt5/store/
Gran Turismo 5 Paint Pack ($1.99)
Expand your Gran Turismo 5 experience with the Paint Pack, featuring 100 paint colors to breathe new life into your vehicle collection. The Paint Pack is also available as part of the complete DLC bundle, which also includes the Racing Car Pack, Course Pack, and Racing Gear Pack. For more information on how to redeem and add the content to your game, visit http://us.gran-turismo.com/us/products/gt5/store/
Gran Turismo 5 Complete Pack ($11.99)
Expand your Gran Turismo 5 experience with the Complete Pack, a bundle featuring four pieces of downloadable add-on content at special bundle pricing. The Complete Pack includes the Course Pack, Racing Car Pack, Racing Gear Pack, and Paint Pack. Gift-with-purchase offer available. For more information on how to redeem and add the content to your game, visit http://us.gran-turismo.com/us/products/gt5/store/.
LittleBigPlanet 2 Various Costumes (x5) ($1.99 - $5.99 each)
The best thing about Sackboy is that you can make him look and act exactly how you want. Download this additional costume to really stand out from the crowd! To download this costume, you must already own LittleBigPlanet 2.
File size 100KB - 110 KB

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record: Cyborg Skills Pack ($1.99)
Deal more damage and shock your enemies with the CYBORG skill pack from the future!
File size 8.87 MB

Street Fighter III: Online Edition Match Pack 2 (Evolution Tournament) ($3.99)
Watch matches from an exclusive tournament, featuring the best players from around the world.
File size 36 MB

Street Fighter III: Online Edition Music Pack 2 (Double Impact) ($1.99)
Increase the amount of available music to listen to with these tracks from Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact.
File size 39 MB

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition - Music Pack 1 (New Generation) ($1.99)
Increase the amount of available music to listen to with these tracks from Street Fighter III: New Generation.
File size 29 MB

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Asf-X Shinden II ($7.99)
The ASF-X Shinden II is an original design created by Shoji Kawamori, a leading Japanese mechanical designer. This is a fictional aircraft whose variable airframe provides stable flight performance and excellent close range combat abilities, allowing it to adapt to any type of strategic operation. This unique multirole aircraft will dominate both air and ground battles!
File size 15 MB

Ace Combat Assault Horizon F-14D "Halloween Pumpkin" ($3.99)
F-14D ""Halloween Pumpkin"\" is an aircraft skin with a Halloween theme. Don't underestimate the Jack-O'-Lantern! This F-14D is known for striking fear with its appearance during low speed battles.
File size 15 MB

Ace Combat Assault Horizon F/A-18F "Red Devils" ($3.99)
F/A-18F "Red Devils" is an aircraft skin based on Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232 (VMFA-232), nicknamed the ""Red Devils"\". Established in 1925, VMFA-232 is the fighter squadron with the longest history within the United States Marine Corps. Take control of this aircraft with the famous squadron's crimson symbol emblazoned on its tail.
File size 15 MB

Ace Combat Assault Horizon: Compatibilty Pack 2 (free)
This additional data (free of charge) is required for online matchmaking. Once this data is downloaded, matchmaking with players who have downloaded items in Downloadable Content 1 and 2 will be made possible.
File size 3.62 MB

Dungeon Siege III - Treasures of The Sun ($9.99)
In Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the Sun, you will travel beyond the borders of Ehb to the Aranoi desert where an all-new adventure awaits. In your quest for a lost Legion hero, you will, travel through new lands, encounter hordes of new enemies, and discover a forgotten abbey that contains a long-lost secret: the greatest treasure of the Azunite faith.
File size 523 MB

Elevator Action Deluxe Additional Character 1 (free)
Free character for ELEVATOR ACTION DELUXE owners!Sayo from KIKIKAIKAI. Use her purification rod and red hakama to steal documents and escape!
File size 11 MB

Yoostar 2 - You Fight Like A Goddamn Ape ($1.99)
Rocky - Mickey laments Rocky's boxing, calls him a tomato and growls that he's not running a soup kitchen.
File size 46 MB

Rock Band 3
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit
• "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" - The Darkness ($1.99)
• "Living Dead Girl" - Rob Zombie ($1.99)
• "Super-Charger Heaven" - White Zombie ($1.99)
• "Thunder Kiss '65″ - White Zombie ($1.99)
File size: 19 MB - 26 MB (singles)

Rock Band Network v2.0

• "Caraphernelia" - Pierce the Veil ($1.99)
• "Gymnopédie No. 1″ - Thomas Walker ($0.99)
• "Moonlight Ride" - Free Spirit ($1.99)
• "Very Busy People" - The Limousines ($1.99)
• "Willow of Tears" - Amberian Dawn ($1.99)
File size: 2.99 MB - 40 MB (singles)


Saints Row 2 - Ultor Exposed Dlc - Sale PS3 (now $6.99, original price $9.99)
Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare - Sale (now $4.99, original price $6.99)
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Digital - Sale (now $49.99, original price $59.99)
Smash Cars - Sale (now $7.49, original price $14.99)
Auditorium Hd - Sale (now $2.99, original price $9.99)


Okabu - Bombbot Avatar ($0.49)
Okabu - Bushybeast Avatar ($0.49)
Okabu - Captain Monkfish Avatar ($0.49)
Okabu - Doza Avatar ($0.49)
Okabu - Kat Avatar ($0.49)
Okabu - Kudu Avatar ($0.49)
Okabu - Picolo Avatar ($0.49)
Okabu - Roki Avatar ($0.49)
Okabu - Uncle Monkfish Avatar ($0.49)
Okabu - Yorubo Avatar ($0.49)
Disgaea 4: Axel Avatar ($0.49)
Disgaea 4: Desco Avatar ($0.49)
Disgaea 4: Emizel Avatar ($0.49)
Disgaea 4: Fenrich Avatar ($0.49)
Disgaea 4: Flonne Avatar ($0.49)
Disgaea 4: Fuka Avatar ($0.49)
Disgaea 4: Valvatorez Avatar ($0.49)
Disgaea 4: Vulcanus Avatar ($0.49)
Saints Row The Third Logo And Genki Avatar Bundle ($2.99)
Saints Row The Third Saints And Sinners Avatar Bundle ($2.99)

Game Videos (free)

The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection Launch Trailer
The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection Bonus Content Video
SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs Demolition Trailer
NBA 2K12 - New Controls Trailer
Dragon'S Dogma 3Rd Trailer
Need For Speed The Run On The Edge Trailer
Absolute Supercars Online And Ai Trailer
The Baconing - Roesha Trailer
Sonic Generations: Genesis Era Trailer
Payday: The Heist - Green Bridge Trailer
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link Launch Trailer
Saints Row The Third: The Wide World Of Genki Trailer
Tom Clancy'S Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy Hd Launch Trailer
Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 - Debut Trailer
Real Steel Promotional Video
Absolute Supercars Tracks Trailer
Sims 3 Pets Trevor Trailer

PS3 Themes

Halloween Dynamic Theme (free)
Worms Arctic Explorer Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
Beat Hazard Ultra - Brutal Theme ($0.99)
Beat Hazard Ultra - Galactic Fire Theme ($0.99)
Beat Hazard Ultra - Ice Burn Theme ($0.99)
The Baconing Premium Theme ($1.99)
Worms Premium Theme ($1.49)
The Walking Dead Static Theme ($1.99)
Abstract: Horizon Light ($2.99)

PlayStation Store for PSP

Add-on Game Content (also available from PS3 Storefront)

Patapon 3 World Map (free)
ESRB rated E
File size: 727 KB


Carnivores Bundle ($5.99)
File size: 71 MB

Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack v3.3.174 Update is Released

Following up on several recent builds, today PlayStation 3 developer Redsquirrel87 has updated the unofficial Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack to version 3.3.174 with the following changes:
 Apasati pe download
Download     http://www.multiupload.com/2QZDB74JWH        Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack v3.3.174 Update is Released

PS3 Showtime Media Player Repack v3.3.174 Changelog:

  • configure: Add LIBAV_LDFLAGS

  • glw: Remove a superfluous newline from a log message

  • Add strip as a make target

  • glw: Fix shaders for OpenGL ES 2.0

  • glw: Don't crash if image decoder is not available

  • gu: Make the toolbar live inside the tab notebook

  • prop NULL is same as zombie

  • configure.osx: Fix broken APPDIR

  • Merge pull request #48 from alexandrezia/hideIDXSUBSubtitles

  • Hide .idx and .sub subtitles as well as .srt .ass .ssa etc.

  • joi, 13 octombrie 2011

    Guide to Compile PSN NPDRM Games for PS3 Custom Firmware

    Following up on the previous PSN game decryption news, today mallory has made available the PS3Tools NPDRM source code for reactivating PSN content followed by a brief guide from the included ReadMe file below for PS3 Custom Firmware users.

    From the included PS3Tools NPDRM ReadMe file:

    Based off of gitbrew's 215d8903bc86539ca1da53519e2ac10eeafc4c27 ps3tools. .git folder not included to protect senstive info about the author. Sorry about the messed up tabs, TAB = 4 SPACES 4 LYFE!!!

    • Add the files in the npdrm_keystuff folder to your ps3 keys folder.
    • Create a file with your console's 16 byte IDPS in the 'idps' file in your ps3 keys folder (e.g. ~/.ps3/idps).
    • Copy your PS3's exdata folder containing your act.dat and rif files to your ps3 keys dir (e.g. ~/.ps3/exdata/act.dat). Compile and have fun with your LEGALLY purchased NPDRM games!
    • Also works on free games without exdata/idps.

    Apologies for any existing bugs in unself. Adding these changes to unself2 is left as an exercise for the reader.

    marți, 11 octombrie 2011

    A NOOB's GUIDE TO INSTALLING 6.60 PRO- B9 Custom Firmware on PSP

    PSX-Scene member TitanTX has put together a nice guide to help you install 6.60 PRO-B9 Custom Firmware on your PSP. You have to be on official firmware 6.60 to install custom firmware, 6.60 PRO- B9.
    Please also note that I will not be held responsible if you manage to brick your PSP

    Difficulty: Beginner

    Welcome to my tutorial of installing PSP custom firmware 6.60 PRO on your PSP. Please do note that I do not take any responsibility of this tutorial damaging your system. However if you follow step by step you should be good to go. At the end your PSP system information should look something similar to what I have.
     Now let’s begin the tutorial for you to get custom firmware on your PSP.

    Step 1
    Download the required files for your PSP (I will link them to you at the very end of this tutorial), so that you know these are the proper files that you will need in order to install for your system. Once you have the files downloaded, extract them and take the appropriate file corresponding your PSP system compatibility. In this case I will take the 6.60 PRO-B9 since I have a compatible PSP 2000 and mother board pre TA-88v3., it should look some thing similar to this., once the downloaded file has been extracted.
    Step 2d
    Next we are going to drag and drop the files we have downloaded onto our PSP’s memory stick.( Once again these files depend entirely on what model you have, I have the PSP 2000, and I will be copying the 6.60 custom firmware files on to my PSP memory stick. Drag them on to the GAME folder which can be found on the root of your PSP’s memory stick and by root, I mean when you open up your PSP the first dialogue you see will be where you drag your files into. So the Path is like this.
    X:/PSP/GAME/Desired custom firmware files, you have downloaded.
    X being your PSP drive
    PSP being the PSP folder on the root directory
    GAME being the folder that you drag and drop the files in.
    Step 3
    Now that we have done the copy pasting of files we can now get back on the PSP and exit out of USB mode and get back on the PSP.

    Step 4
    Now on the PSP go to the game section and you should have almost the same if not exact files that I have on the PSP.
    Step 5
    Installing the custom firmware, you will need to launch the PRO updater in order to install the firmware, press the X button on your PSP to enter into the PRO updater file that you just dragged and dropped on to your PSP, it should look something similar to this.
    Step 6
    Next we are going to press the X button again to launch the Custom firmware, once again please be reminded that this is only a temporary custom firmware for models past the pre TA88V3, that TA88V3 and above. OK press the X button and wait, and you should be returned to your XMB (home) screen, it would appear that nothing has changed but if you go to your system information and find that it should say PRO-B9 after 6.60, so 6.60 PRO-B9

    Congratulations you now have installed custom firmware 6.60 PRO-B9 on to your PSP enjoy your homebrew.

    Extra information
    For those that have the ability to go permanent then please follow these few extra steps.
    You need to copy CIPL flasher from your desktop to your PSP to the same location that you pasted the PRO updater file. Go back to the games section on your PSP and you should see an extra icon saying CIPL flasher press the X button again to install, you should have permanent custom firmware now.

    This is only for all the 1000s and 2000s pre TA88V3


    For those of you who are on Lite Custom Firmware not Permanent, please use the fast recovery file that is also included with the downloads. This is for models that exceed or are on the TA88V3 mother board and all the GO models and 3000s

    Links for files. Updated

    UPDATE - multiMAN ver 2.09.02

    For those of you following the latest updates to multiMAN, by developer deank, a couple of new releases have been made since version 02.09.00 was unleashed. Version 02.09.01 brought us 3.41 CFW/MFW (not for dongle + 3.41 OFW) support for PSX backups, while version 02.09.02 brings more support for PSX backups. You can find the latest quotes from deank below, along with the current download.
    Version 02.09.01:
    Ok, some good news for 3.41MFW users. Thanks to an0nym0us the proper offsets for lv1 and lv2 in 3.41 were located and you can now enjoy the PSX games and direct-disc-access.

    First post and online update available for version 02.09.01:

    * Support for PSX backups on 3.41MFW (10x to an0nym0us for the lv1/lv2 offsets)

    Have in mind that it won't work for 3.41OFW + dongle. You need to be on 3.41MFW with some patches:
    Use ps3mfw builder and a 3.41OFW PUP and select the lv1/lv2 patches (at minimum)
    3.41 versions of Hermes CFW, Rogero CFW and Rebug CFW all work.
    Version 02.09.02:
    First post updated with link to multiMAN 02.09.02.

    Nothing major there and among few small tweaks I added something about PSX games.

    When you start a PSX game, multiMAN will check if the game requires ps1emu or ps1netemu. There is a list of 160 games which seem to require ps1netemu to be used.

    So if it happens that the game you start (using the regular "Load (PSX/PS3)") is found in the list, multiMAN will start the proper emulator.

    Here is a list of the ids:

    Progskeet Flasher - MAC OSX and Linux Support

    The team behind the well known Progskeet flasher who recently released Winskeet40000 for Windows has now released support for MAC OSX and Linux users. The new additions are called YASkeet for Linux users and iSkeet for MAC OSX users. Progskeet is now a multi-platform universal NAND / NOR programmer.
    To Quote: uf6667
    #ProgSkeet : Updates for the flashers, now supporting OSX, Linux, Windows - progskeet.com/download.php - thanks to Ago & bmx
    Download YASkeet
    Download iSkeet
     Source: Twitter
    Official Site ProgSkeet

    Gamers Opt Out - Opt Out of EULA's

    We reported to you a new Terms Of Service by Sony on the 15th September regarding section 15 of the agreement. "BINDING INDIVIDUAL ARBITRATION" This newly added clause basically waived your rights to sue them in any future class action lawsuits, that is if you agreed to it.

    Many were outraged and had the option to not agree and loose PSN access or to write Sony a letter opting out of the new TOS. A show of hands of those who actually did send a letter would probably amount to very few. Now there's a new method for those of you who want to opt out of any EULA's from game companies such as Sony and EA.

    Gamers Opt Out is a website devoted to our rights as an end user. It's co-founders include gamers such as ourselves who are sick and tired of big game corporations who's absurd EULA's delude us from our rights.
    A Quote From Their Website:

    Gamers Opt Out is a collective of gamers who are sick of absurd EULAs from game companies. These EULAs have clauses preventing class-action lawsuits, though you can opt out of the clauses by sending a letter. We want to make it easier for everyone to opt out because Sony, EA, et al, believe most people won't bother to. Let's show them they're wrong.

    We will make it easy for you to create the letter needed to send to these companies and can even send the letter on your behalf at no cost. All we ask is that if you like what we are doing, spread the word or donate to help with the cost of paper and postage.