marți, 11 octombrie 2011

PS3 Media Server - SubJunk Build 50 Testing Version

Another update will soon be released for PS3 Media Server. However for those of you who want a sneak peek at this handy piece of homebrew, PS3 developer SubJunk at has release a "testing version" for the upcoming release.

Please be warned that this is not the official release so bugs and performance issues can be expected, but please do report any issues to SubJunk on his thread linked below.


This build functions as the bleeding-edge testing version of PMS.
Here you can find features and bugfixes before they are added to the official version, and sometimes ones that never will be.
Using this build is mostly a way for you to see the newest developments and to help us by providing feedback.


* Synchronised with official r910 from r856, changelog:

Click to view

* Modified Status tab to display a tick when any renderer is found, instead of either the PS3 or warning message.
* Language improvements


Shagrath for the main project.
Chocolateboy, lokkju, jscott, ExSport and idavies, in no particular order, for code contributions.
DPT, jpagie, mads and mazey for private testing.
Tianuchka for help with translations.
The dozens of users who provide feedback in order to let me know what needs to be improved. 

Link1PMS Windows
                           Link2 PMS-GENERIC-Linux-Unix->Download-> PMS-Generic-Linux-unix
Source   PS3mediaserver

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