marți, 11 octombrie 2011

Showtime Repack by redsquirrel87: v3.3.107

PS3 developer redsquirrel87 has released yet another update to the unofficial repack of Showtime Media Player. Frequent updates like this remind me of another dedicated developer...

  • glw/container: If the weight if a child is 0, don't include it at all in any calculations
  • Add a settings that controls how much of a video file that needs to be played before it's counted as played
  • glw: Add .shadow and .outline properties to text widgets
  • lastfm: Add some asserts
  • glw: Fix some bugs in glw_tex_flush_all() (mostly used when reinitializing universe)
  • glw: Make $clone property propagate thru loader widgets
  • Fix fallout from i10n in nvidia.c
  •  Clic for> Heer
  • Source Redsquirrel87

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